The first yoga class Nadia attended to counterbalance months of intense exercise sparked a deep interest in her that was to mark the beginning of her journey with yoga. Beyond the feeling of physical wellbeing, it was the sense of quietude and stillness that she experienced which she felt a strong urge to explore further. 

She instantly immersed herself in her practice and began to learn through books, dvds and various yoga classes. She soon felt a natural gravitation towards Ashtanga Yoga. This deep and sudden connection took her to India six months later to undertake a Teacher Training course with Himalaya Yoga Valley and receive her qualification to teach Ashtanga Yoga. She then traveled to Mysore (the birthplace of Ashtanga) to spend a further month practicing with M.V. Chidananda at the Mysore Mandala.

She has great respect for the discipline of Ashtanga yoga and finds the repetitive nature of the practice deeply meditative and calming. She has and continues to travel extensively across the globe to seek instruction, guidance and wisdom from her teachers. She considers herself very fortunate to have studied and practiced with highly respected teachers including Nancy Gilgoff, Tim Miller and Eddie Stern and has found that her biggest inspirations have been David Williams and David Swenson. She has attended several workshops with David Swenson in San Diego, London, Copenhagen and Portugal and has completed his Primary Series Teacher Training. She is forever inspired by his wisdom, humbleness, great sense of humour and the incredible energy he brings to a room. As a compliment to the more dynamic Ashtanga style, she later completed a Yin Yoga Teaching Intensive with the wonderful Norman Blair.

She sees herself as a lifelong student of yoga with a strong desire and commitment to continue learning. She feels humbled to be able to share her practice and what she has learnt thus far with others and has taught classes in Cairo, London, Mexico and now Portugal. She feels that starting on her yoga journey later in life has added compassion to her teaching style, giving her the ability to empathize with beginners and those less familiar with the dynamic style of Ashtanga. Her desire is to make Ashtanga accessible and non-intimidating to all levels. Nadia's classes are delivered with integrity and a strong focus on alignment and awareness with a soft and mindful approach.

'Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self' - The Bhagavad Gita